The correct headdress will be a wonderful addition to any image. A variety of winter hats has not only the function of a stylish accessory but also warm their owner.

What headdresses are popular in this season?

Knitted hats

This headgear will never go out of fashion. Knitted hats in different colors and styles, with or without pompons, decorated with embroidery, beads, application… There are so many variants. Knitted caps are the universal type of the headdress. They are warm and comfortable in spite of any cold.


A variety of berets is as popular as their knitted counterparts. Such hats give romance and mystery to their owners. Berets evoke thoughts of Paris, the Champs-Elysees, street cafes.


Women want full equality with the representatives of the stronger sex. So sometimes they want to wear the same clothes as the men. Kepi, men’s hat, is very popular among women.


Turbans became fashionable in this season. A simple form of such headgear does not reduce its originality. Knitted turbans are very popular this winter.

Hats with earflaps

These hats were once exclusively male accessory. In today’s world earflaps are worn by all the people: men, women, teens and kids. Hats with earflaps are warm and comfortable.

Fur hats

These hats appear from time to time on models during fashion shows. This season, fur hats occupy a leading position in popularity among the fashion-mongers. Fur headdresses look very stylish and have excellent protection against frost.