New Year is just around the corner. Everyone is waiting for wonderful changes that should necessarily occur. This applies to the fashionable women too. The change of seasons is always accompanied by the appearance of different directions in the fashion industry. What fashion trends are prepared by famous designers for their fans? How will fashion designers surprise the mongers?

Fashion of 2017

The fans of eighties style will be pleased to know that the fashion of those years’ comes back. The original cut, bright colors, massive decorations — these are the main trends of the coming year. The designers advise experimenting with different styles and colors. The use of massive shiny jewelry, colorful accessories are encouraged. Do not be afraid to be bright in the next year. The designers do not set limits. You can combine everything!

Women can forget about diets. A free cut is in a fashion. Even if you allow yourself to eat much cake, figure flaws can be skillfully hidden under the multi-layer finery.

Be stylish! Compose different details of clothing, creating a unique image.