Every woman spends a significant part of the time on the facial skin care. A face needs much more attention during the cold season. How is it possible to make your face healthy and protect it from the low temperatures? We’ll try to understand it.

Face cream

It is necessary to choose the correct face cream. Don’t forget that you should get preference to the nutritious cream with the vitamins D and E during the cold season. While in summer, it is desirable to use the moisturizing products for face care.


The liquid cosmetics will help you to protect your skin. Creamy shadows, lipstick and lip gloss will become your indispensable companions.


If you want to keep the skin from drying out, drink plenty of pure water. This rule is suitable for any season.

Proper nutrition

Monitor your diet. It must contain products which are rich in vitamins and beneficial trace elements.

Clothes and shoes

Try to dress appropriately for the cold weather. Do not forget about the hats, warm shoes, gloves and scarves. If you’re completely healthy, your facial skin will be in a good condition.