Not everyone loves the peace and quiet. People who are alien to the peaceful pastime may try extreme entertainment. In today’s world, all the conditions have been created for this purpose. People can choose such fun, which simply freezes the blood in your veins.

In the world, there are entertainments that can cheer up any tourist.

Trail of death in China

This trail is the most dangerous in the world. It is located on Huashan mount. The trail consists of narrow boards and has no fences.

Only the most courageous (or foolish) people can walk on it.

Leap into the Devil’s Pool

Such entertainment is available to the tourists visiting the Victoria Falls in Africa. The creek, which is located on the edge of the waterfall, becomes shallow at certain times of the year. Everyone can splash in the pool after listening to guide’s instruction.

Swimming with sharks

If you want to experience a real adrenaline rush, take a swim in the company of white sharks. Of course, you will be protected by an iron cage, but no one can give you 100% of safety.

BASE jumping in a special suit

This game involves parachuting from fixed objects. But some people are not satisfied. To enhance the effect, they wear special suits that slow down the fall. Thus, a person can float in the air before opening the parachute longer.