The UK Government has given preliminary consent to the expansion of Heathrow airport. This issue has been discussing for almost 10 years. And now this case begins to move a little.

The British Government plans to finish the construction of the third airstrip in 2025. According to the politicians, the airport expansion will give an opportunity to increase the number of workplaces and improve the carrying capacity of the airport. This will have a positive impact on economic development  of  London and the UK as a whole.

Not all of the British people are happy with the airport expansion. The ecologists consider that the consequences of the construction can be catastrophic for the environment. They already have come out with protest to the building of Parliament. Furthermore, according to the future schemes of the takeoffs and landings, the aircraft will fly over some areas of London. Local inhabitants believe that it will cause a lot of inconveniences to them.

The decision on the expansion of Heathrow is not final. This question will be discussed at public hearings, and then in Parliament. If the deputies approve the plan of construction, then work will begin. This will happen not earlier than 2020.