The heart of one more talented person ceased to beat. The famous Soviet poet Evgeny Evtushenko passed away. His work will forever remain a true literary treasure, which will help future generations to go through life more confidently.

Let’s not be sad! Let us recall the most entertaining facts from the life of a remarkable person.

  1. A favorite poet of Evgeny Evtushenko is Alexander Pushkin.
  2. Evtushenko knew several foreign languages: English, Italian, Spanish and French.
  3. In honor of the poet, the planet in the solar system is named.
  4. A collection of poems by Yevtushenko is periodically re-read by the Beatles soloist Paul McCartney.
  5. In addition to literary talent, Evtushenko was also a gifted actor, director, playwright, and screenwriter.

To understand the depth of the poet’s thoughts, read his statements.