How Eurovision 2017 looked from the inside.

After the victory of Jamala who was a Ukrainian participant of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ukraine confidently began preparations for the international contest «at home». The government has spent fabulous sums not only to create a unique atmosphere on the main stage of the festival, but also to improve the city itself. Ukrainians were eagerly awaiting guests from all over the world, because a huge number of tourists is always profitable for small businesses, and tourists do not mind when spending thousands on trinkets and restaurants. It is for this purpose that most foreigners came to the Ukrainian capital, first of all, of course, to see the spectacular show and relax, enjoying the unique Ukrainian landscapes and the infinitely hospitable people of Ukraine.

 But all would be nothing, if not a lot of embarrassment …

Everything would be all right, but there were many embarrassments that Ukraine was waiting for both before the event and during it. The first scandal that jeopardized Eurovision in our country was the ban on the entry one of the participants into Ukraine. The President of Ukraine explained it in terms of political differences between two countries, which do not correspond to the policy of a cultural and musical event. In response, the Russian participant did not lose her head and continued her musical career, but already on the territory of the Crimean peninsula with a concert program on the occasion of the Victory Day.

The first political scandal was followed by the scandal in the social. Networks …

The first political scandal was followed by the scandal in the social networks. Many users paid attention to the non-ideal English of the first lady of Ukraine, which undoubtedly sowed waves of indignation, because Ukraine has views on joining the European Union, and ignorance of the English language for persons of this level can jeopardize the adequate perception of our country in The European Union’s zone.

The next scandal was related to criticism of the well-known journalist Vitaly Sidyuk, who negatively spoke about the preparation and holding of the Eurovision, arguing that it lacked the necessary atmosphere and show. Also the famous brawler was in shock due to a lack of understanding, why seven anchormen were involved in the festival, and why they received fees of 79 thousand. Also, the journalist was dissatisfied with the English one of the anchorman, who, in his opinion, frightened off most of the people who watched the show on TV screens, and in social networks.

Inadmissible behavior of one of the fans of Ukraine …

One of the numerous scandals was the unacceptable behavior of one of the fans of Ukraine, who during the speech of Jamala, allowed himself to run out onto the stage and show his bottom to the whole world. It’s everybody shocked, but Peter Poroshenko reacted instantly, detaining the humorist and promising him 5 years in prison.

Proceeding from these events, it remains a question whether Ukraine will ever host the Eurovision Song Contest. After all, for the entire period of the holding, there were more negative moments than positive ones. The President of Ukraine denied his failure and stated that Ukraine held.