Today, Christians around the world celebrate one of the most important holidays — Epiphany. On this day, there is a tradition to plunge into rivers, lakes or other water reservoirs. According to the believers, Epiphany swimming provides a person in good health for the whole year.

For the inhabitants of warm countries with a mild climate, there is nothing easier to go to the pond and spend ritual at the dawn. But what have the people who live in areas with more extreme weather conditions do? How to swim, so as not to hurt yourself? Doctors give their advice on how to carry out this procedure better.

You must refrain from swimming, if:

  • you are currently sick, and there is an inflammatory process in the body;
  • there is a disruption in the functioning of the cardiovascular system or respiratory system;
  • a person is sick with diabetes or a variety of infectious diseases;
  • there are irregularities in the nervous system.

Also, doctors do not recommend to dip into the ice-hole to pregnant women and children up to 6 years.

Epiphany swimming rules

If you want to receive a benefit of water procedures, you should comply with certain rules.

  1. Before dipping, slightly heat the body. You can run or execute some physical exercises.
  2. Go into the water quickly, so as not to get supercooling.
  3. Being in the water should not be more than one minute.
  4. After that, wipe with a towel. Just do not do it too hard. You can damage the skin.
  5. Quickly get dressed in warm dry clothes.

A few more tips

If you decide to plunge into an ice-hole on Epiphany, refrain from the use of alcohol and hard drugs.

For breakfast, choose nutritious foods. The body will need energy.

Dive into the water with a head to avoid severe changes in temperature in the body.

Observe traditions without harm to health!