Emmanuel Macron

On December 16, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, celebrated his fortieth anniversary. Generally, he was born on December 21, but this year he decided to celebrate in advance. The place for the celebration of the anniversary was Chambord Castle — an architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance. After all the visitors parted, the celebration began. Only the closest friends and relatives were present. The Elysee Palace stressed that all Macron paid from his personal account.

In general, over the past two months, the rating of the incumbent President of France has grown by 10%. In December, it is supported by 52% of respondents. This is an unprecedented growth in popularity. The president received approval of the policy from more than half of the French.

This year, the leader of the Vperyod movement won Marin Le Pen in the second round. Over twenty million voters voted for him.

A young, energetic, charming leader of the country often flashes in the press with his wife — Bridget Macron. The couple attracts journalists with their own eccentricity. At the age of 30, a politician married a woman who is 24 years older than him.

They met when he was still a student. Brigitte taught French at the boy’s educational institution. Emmanuel had a talent for literature and wrote poetry. Once he suggested to his teacher to write a play together. They understood each other, despite the great age difference. Then the young man said that he would marry a woman anyway, whatever she said. She just laughed, because she was behind her husband and had three children who were contemporaries of Emmanuel. But, after a while, Bridget divorced her husband. In the end, they got married 15 years after they met.

Now Emmanuel Macron is president, and his wife is the first lady of France. Magazines often print their photos. Despite his age, Bridget Macron looks superb. Her stylish outfits sometimes outshine recognized fashionistas.

Of course, journalists like gossip. Therefore, it is often possible to hear attacks against the acting Emmanuel Macron and his wife. There were rumors that his wife’s age is proof of his cover for unconventional sexual orientation. In response, he joked that maybe this is a hologram, but not himself.