One of the main attractions of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, will be guarded by a fence of bullet-proof glass. Its height is 2.5 m. This decision was made by the city authorities.

The new fence will replace the concrete structures that had protected the symbol of Paris in 2016 (during the European Football Championship). In connection with the holding of such a mass event, access to the Eiffel Tower was limited, and at the foot of it, booths for checking the things of visitors were installed. Such measures were taken because of the increased threat of terrorist attacks. Their main purpose could become the attractions of the French capital.

Project of the Austrian architect

The existing concrete barrier looks unaesthetic. Therefore, it was decided to create a more harmonious version of the fence. Projects of future structures have been discussed for several months. As a result, the authorities of Paris approved the idea of ​​an architect from Austria, Dietmar Feichtinger. The artist proposed to erect a transparent wall of ultra strong glass around the architectural monument. Small gardens adjacent to the Eiffel Tower will be guarded with metal fences. In addition, tourist checkpoints will be equipped. It is planned that the construction would be completed in the second half of 2018. About 20 million Euros will be spent on erecting barriers.

Interim measures

The authorities of Paris hope that such precautions will be temporary. After eliminating all possible threats, access to the Eiffel Tower will be free again.