Very soon Egypt will be open to Russian tourists.

To date, there are all prerequisites for the resumption of flights between Russia and Egypt. As it was previously known, the Russian side has suspended the flights of its citizens to Egypt. The reason for this was inadequate safety at Cairo Airport. As the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Valery Okulov, said, the Egyptian side did not pass the latest security check, a large number of shortcomings were found during the monitoring. Since November, 2015, the government of the Russian Federation has considered unsafe the movement of the population to the territory of Egypt. The reason for this was the crash of an airplane on the territory of Egypt, in which 217 Russian citizens died. The government of Russia qualified this event as a terrorist act.

After this statement, the Egyptian side took action. A sufficient amount of money was allocated to maintain order at the airports. The Egyptian government has purchased new equipment that corresponds to new technologies. Under the international security agreement, in which Egypt took part, all measures were taken, and each recommendation was heard and implemented by the deputies and the Head of State.

Due to the fact that the holiday season has already begun in the southern country, it is in the interest of Egypt to preserve the previous number of tourists from other countries, including from Russia. After all, as you know, the largest part of the tourist population of Egypt is represented by Russian citizens.

The fact that Egypt refused to Russia that Russian experts had been staying at Cairo airports for the whole time, alerted the Russian authorities. Perhaps this reason has become a sharply negative attitude towards the tourist country.

To date, all measures have been taken, thanks to which security at the airports of Egypt exceeds the security conditions in other countries. This was evidenced by many checks from other countries. The last check was carried out by a delegation from Canada, which confirmed the full compliance of airports with international requirements and indicated the possibility of making safe flights to the country. Dialogue between two countries was suspended from February this year. Perhaps, after a final check, airspace between Russia and Egypt will be open. An obligatory condition is the signing of the protocol by Egypt, which indicates the permanent presence of Russian specialists on foreign territory and indicates all the wishes of Russia for the continuous increase in security.

After all, Russia is also interested in resolving this issue. Many citizens are outraged by such behavior of the Head of State, because people expected to rest abroad, some pre-booked hotels and now in fact, potential tourists were left without an opportunity to relax on the shores of the ocean and enjoy the unique culture of Egypt.

Therefore, in order to preserve the peace of the population, and not to lose profits, two countries may already within a few weeks resolve the conflict and the people, tired during the long winter, can easily travel to the southern country.