Edema is a fairly common problem. It appears due to the excessive accumulation of fluid in the body. Swelling can occur not only in different parts of the body but also on internal organs. If a person often suffers from edema it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a qualified doctor can establish the cause of the fluid accumulation and prescribe treatment. In some cases, a person can eliminate edema himself. For this purpose, it is important to correct a diet. What is it necessary to eat, so that the liquid does not accumulate in the body?


Add to your diet cucumbers, bell peppers, eggplants, and then you will not be afraid of swelling. Vegetables also benefit all body systems.


The most effective remedy against the excessive accumulation of fluid in the body is an apple. The use of these fruits will help to bring the excess fluid from the body.


Choosing this useful food, prefer raspberries, cherries, sweet cherries or strawberries. These berries improve heart function and reduce the probability of occurrence of edema. Cranberry juice is also a very good remedy.


Eating parsley, dill, basil and other greens has a beneficial effect on the whole body and perfectly removes swelling.


The most useful porridge against edema is buckwheat. Eating a portion of wholesome food, you will not only cleanse the body of toxins but also prevent the accumulation of fluid.