Since the beginning of the heating season, the cost of utilities has increased significantly. As a result, the economy has become one of the main problems of the population. Here are some tips to reduce the number of payments that will help you to save a little bit the family budget.

Set counters

Your expenses will decrease by several times if you set the meters for water and gas. You will pay only for the resources which were used but not the average rates of public utilities. Moreover, today’s water meters are designed to work in multi-tariff mode. Using water in the “unpopular” time you will save you money.

Repair sanitary engineering

The flow faucets also increase the total amount of water. Just repair them. After all, you do not want to pay for the water that flows uselessly.

Buy energy saving light bulbs

These lamps consume much less energy than ordinary ones. Though the cost of energy-saving lamps is higher, but they work longer. Your expenses will pay off quickly.

Warm your home

This advice is most important for those who live in a private home and can regulate the heating. Warm the house from the outside. You will be able to spend fewer resources on space heating. You can also install qualitative windows that will not let the heat out of the house.

Turn off appliance

While in standby, appliance still consumes electricity. If you do not use the appliance make a habit of turning it off. In addition, during the purchasing of new equipment, pay attention to its energy consumption. Prefer the more economical models.

Choose the correct resource

If you live in an apartment and pay for gas at the well-established flat rate, then use this resource as much as possible. Minimize operation of the electric kettle and a microwave oven. Boil the water, and reheat food on a gas stove.

Calculate, what is more profitable: to pay for hot water or install the water heater?

Turn off the light and water

Watch the consumption of resources. Coming out of the room, switch off the light (if no one is there). If you are distracted during dishwashing, turn off the water to the moment until you can continue its activity.

After completing at least half of the above conditions, you will significantly reduce your utilities cost.