There are going to create environmentally friendly fireworks In Hollywood and the US Army.

The desire of the society to create more environmentally friendly products extends to all spheres of industry. In this regard, Hollywood and the United States Army intend to create environmentally friendly fireworks. Thanks to the new chemical composition of pyrotechnic products, less smoke will be released into the atmosphere. At this stage, the composition of fireworks has not changed for 1000 years. The main components are black powder, powdered metal and oxidants. Also in the composition of any fireworks are various metals and minerals, due to which different colors are formed when they heated. Examples of such metals can be copper, sodium, barium and strontium, which create blue, yellow, green and red. These components are collected together in a carton with black powder.

Environmentally friendly fireworks can remain a pipe dream.

According to experts, this undertaking may not have a continuation because of financial problems. New formulas for fireworks are very expensive. Despite the fact that last year in America, the revenue from the sale of pyrotechnics amounted to 1.1 billion dollars, the introduction of new technologies is still too expensive for the country. In addition, some scientists are confident that the introduction of new formulas for fireworks is inappropriate. For example, the professor of chemistry John Conking believes that any smoke damages the lungs and harms his health. Earlier the professor worked in this industry, namely was the executive director of the American association of manufacturers of pyrotechnics.

But, despite these statements, the entertainment industry seeks to reduce black powder emissions to zero, thereby allowing fireworks to be used in enclosed spaces. Also, the excessive amount of smoke from the current fireworks does not allow you to shoot live reports from the scene. The substance that is released during the explosion of fireworks is very harmful to the environment. This substance is called perchlorate and adversely affects water systems. According to experts’ calculations, in 2007 the quantity of perchlorate in surface waters increased to hundred times after the Independence Day of the country.

Also environmentally friendly fireworks can bring a large amount of profit.

An example of this may be a chemist Darren Naud, who previously worked in the pyrotechnics industry. To date, he has created and patented a company for the production of a new kind of pyrotechnics. This kind of burns a minimum amount of black powder, which allows us to call it more environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, Darren himself claims that he created his business not to do less damage to the planet, but in order to earn more money.

At the moment, the trend towards everything pure and useful plays in favor of the creators of the new formula for fireworks. John Conking argues that Darren is on the right path, because right now, clean and expensive pyrotechnics products are necessary for the entertainment industry. Also, experts assure that the investments invested in this campaign will pay off in a short time. After all, now people are ready to buy pyrotechnics of this kind.