After visiting the gym, you often want to eat something. What to choose? Eating after physical training should not be too high in calories. Refuse cakes and fast food. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing exercises? Properly selected meals should restore energy reserves, rather than the number of lost kilos.

First, drink a glass of clean water, replenish the amount of fluid in the body. Then start to the meal. What is the best way to satisfy hunger?

Bananas with yoghurt

Potassium, contained in such food, positively affects the nervous system. And magnesium relieves muscle spasm.

Cottage cheese with blueberries and honey

This dish is very tasty and nutritious. In the case of its reasonable eating will not affect your figure.


Fruits and berries, whipped with low-fat yoghurt, will be an excellent snack after a strenuous training.

Chicken with rice

If you are very hungry, and also it’s time for lunch, eat a piece of chicken with rice. This dish will satiate your body without damaging your waist. Instead of chicken, you can take a low-fat turkey or rabbit meat.