Before the New Year’s party every girl thinks about the feast dress. Very often women at the same time are guided by not only their preferences but also the trappings. East calendar plays an important role in the choice of clothes for the New Year. The dress is selected in accordance with the symbol of the coming year. Especially it refers to the color range of clothes.

As you know, the symbol of 2017 is Red Fire Rooster. Immediately it becomes clear that the main colors of clothing should be all shades of scarlet. In addition, experts also allow the use of orange, yellow and blue. In general, the choice for fashionistas is wide enough, as the cock is a bright bird. You can see different shades of feathers in his tail: from golden to dark blue.

It is also encouraged to use rhinestones, sequins for clothes decoration. Massive shiny ornamentals will be a wonderful addition to your image.

Do not be afraid of experiments. Year of the Red Fiery Rooster is the best time for it!