The Government of the United Arab Emirates announced the construction of a new, huge port in the country. This information came from the Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The project was named Dubai Harbor. It will be placed on a separate, artificial island. Its area exceeds 1858 square kilometers.

As part of the program, the largest port in the Middle East and North Africa will be created. It will attract the most affluent boaters of Persian Gulf to the United Arab Emirates. Building the world’s largest lighthouse is also planned. Its height will reach 135 meters.

The lighthouse will include a luxury hotel and an observation deck. The facade of the building will be used as a screen for projections during the light shows.

It is expected that the construction of Harbour Dubai will take 4 years.

A lot of stores, restaurants, a shopping center, and many other buildings will be located on the new island.