Voting for the future President of the United States is already finished. The main struggle was between the two candidates. Donald Trump was a representative of the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton was a candidate of the Democratic Party. According to preliminary data, D. Trump became a winner. He is ahead of his competitor by almost 60 votes. By the American law, a presidential candidate must receive at least 270 votes for winning. Donald Trump was supported by the 276 voters.

Trump has already received congratulations not only from Hillary Clinton but also from the heads of foreign states.

Not all the Americans are satisfied with the results of the voting. The acts of protest started in the Californian city of Oakland. Hundreds of people went to the streets. They burn tires and garbage. The protesters broke the windows in the building of the local newspaper Oakland Tribune. The participants of protest action also burned a scarecrow of Donald Trump.

An official announcement of the new US president is scheduled for January 2017.