Andrey Domanski lost the dispute with his colleague Andrey Dromov. The men conduct a cooking show on the TV channel of Inter together. As a result, a well-known TV anchorman had to swim across the Dnieper in winter.

The controversy consisted of the following. If the chef Andrew Dromov is able to lose 30 kilos in a year, then Domanski will swim across the Dnieper. Otherwise, Dromov was obliged to jump from the bridge into the water. It is worth noting that the chef is afraid of heights.

The agreement was signed on the live broadcast. The thousands of spectators were watching it on the TV screens.

As a result, Andrey Dromov could lose weight on the right amount of kilograms. Therefore Andrey Domanski was forced to plunge into the icy water.

The final weighing and subsequent swim