Do you need a dog?

Almost everyone dreamed of getting a pet in the childhood. But most parents have found a lot of excuses to not to have it.

Some of us became adults and understood the fears of parents. But some people still want to get a pet and realize their childhood dream.

Whether to do it? Let’s solve this question together.

If you decided to get a dog, you should analyze all the positive and negative moments.




  • If you live in a private house, you need a dog for protection.
  • If you are single, a four-legged friend will meet you every night at home. It is nice.
  • Dogs are faithful friends.
  • Fresh air will strengthen your health because it is necessary to go for a walk with your pet several times a day.
  • If you have a child, care of a pet will accustom him to the discipline.
  • You can get acquainted with new people during your dog site’s walking.
  • If you dreamed about a dog, you have an opportunity to realize it.


  • Allergic to wool.
  • If cleanliness in the house is important, a dog is not for you.
  • It is necessary to go for a walk with your pet every day in spite of the weather.
  • A dog is like a child. You have to spend much money for its maintenance and training (food, treatment, vaccination, etc.)
  • Puppies often gnaw the furniture, and all they will meet on their way.
  • The dogs can’t tell you what they are concerned about. You’ll have to guess yourself.
  • Your life will be subordinated to a four-legged friend.

The choice is yours. According to the song of the one famous film’s hero: “Think yourself, decide yourself – to have or not to have”.