AirPods users complain of headaches

Wireless headphones AirPods — one of the most successful products of Apple according to users. Just remove the headphones from the cover, and they automatically sync with the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Mac (1). As soon as you put them on, autoplay starts, you shoot — stops. To call Siri, just touch the earpiece twice. They have a wireless charging case, work 5 hours without recharging, recognize your voice, remove noise and have many other advantages.

The headset did not receive virtually any negative comment. If someone was not enthusiastic, it was only because of the lack of noise isolation. And a form that is not very suitable for active people and athletes. But the rest of the users were very pleased with the purchase.

But there was a problem that you can not just close your eyes. Since the end of last year, strange reviews began to appear on the forums. Some users of AirPods have stated that when using them, the head starts to hurt. According to one of the owners, even short-term listening to music using headphones causes a feeling of squeezing in the area of ​​the temples. He complains that he can not listen to more than two tracks. When using headsets from other manufacturers, everything was in order.

A few more people stated a similar problem.

One of the users simply returned AirPods to the manufacturer. And he claims that he usually does not suffer from migraine, so I’m sure of the cause of pain. «It is so strong that I simply can not ignore it. I do not have the opportunity to continue using headphones, «the owner said.

Harm AirPods health, or not — has not yet been proven. According to Joel Moskovitsa, who is a researcher at the University of California Medical Department, AirPods can indeed cause such a side effect. He says that when a person inserts headphones into his ears, he simply puts his head in a microwave oven. So AirPods may well be the cause of harmful radiation and even cause nausea. In the end, he added that advanced technology has not yet been fully explored and can be dangerous in the long term.

However, Cupertino refuses to accept such a version, because they claim that all Apple products undergo thorough testing before entering the market.