The famous Russian anchorman Dmitry Shepelev has written a book about his civilian wife Jeanne Friske. On the pages of the publication, he described two years of their common struggle with an incurable disease, which has taken this popular singer. Also, the reader will learn about the love story of Shepelev and Friske.

An edition of the book is scheduled  at the end of this autumn. The initial print run is 20,000 copies. If demand is high, the publishers will increase the number of books.

The anchorman hopes that his memories and experience will help many people. D. Shepelev is sure that this book will be a support for those who are now struggling with the dangerous disease.

A rare photo of Jeanne Friske is placed on the title page of the book. The name “Jeanne. Love and disease in the story of Jeanne Friske” is written by the singer’s hand. It was recovered by the experienced graphologist.

According to the anchorman, this book helped him a little to overcome the pain of a loss of the beloved woman.