The unique diamond «Pink Star» was sold at the auction Sotheby’s. Its weight is almost 60 carats. The cost of this rare lot is 71 million dollars.

The buyer of this huge diamond is a Tai Fook Jewelry Company from Hong Kong Chow. The sum that was paid for the gemstone, is considered to be a record for this type of bidding.

The «Pink Star» was found 18 years ago in South Africa. The weight of the stone in its raw form was 132.5 carats. Its initial cost was 56 million dollars.

The experts appreciate this precious stone not only for its impressive size but also for its unusual color.

Previous tenders

This diamond was already exhibited for sale in 2003. Then it was assigned a price of 83 million dollars. But the potential buyer was unable to pay the lot on time, so the deal was canceled.

Before the sale of the «Pink Star», the record holder was a blue diamond called «Blue Moon». This stone was sold for almost $ 50 million.