Most people in the world are constantly struggling with overweight. Everybody wants to look attractive, have a good figure. But not everyone knows how to do it. Fasting and biologically active food supplements can’t be a solution. These methods of weight loss may seriously damage your health. Not everyone can survive hours of training in the gym. There is one effective way: decrease an appetite.

How can we do that?

Eat slowly

Do not hurry during meals. Eat slowly and chew carefully. The satiation comes in 15 minutes after the start of food taking. Wait a little. The nutritionists recommend to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.


Drink more water

If you have the desire to eat – drink some water. Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst. There is another good advice: drink a glass of water in a half an hour before eating. Due to this, you will eat less because your stomach is already half occupied.


Eat frequently by small portions

Divide the number of food intakes throughout the day. Eat a few products for once. It is better to eat five times a day. Think over your diet so that it contains all the useful vitamins and minerals.


During eating, pay attention only to food

Many of us like to snack in front of the TV or behind the computer screens. But not everyone understands that being distracted by interesting programs or reading the news, we eat more. You should eat in the specially designated areas. Eliminate all the distractions.


Avoid spicy foods and carbonated drinks

Hot pepper and sweet carbonated drinks only stimulate an appetite. Washing down the meal with a glass of lemonade, we feel that we can eat something else. And as a consequence, we overeat.


Do the sports

Physical exercise is not only beneficial to the figure but may distract you from the desire to eat. Get the habit of doing exercises every day. Also, it is very well to go to the gym or pool.


Motivate yourself

Mental attitude is very important in any question. Think about why you need to reduce your appetite. Maybe you want to improve the state of health. Or you need to fit in your favorite dress for the birthday. Set a goal and move toward it confidently.