Today, the Day of the fight against breast cancer is held in Ukraine. This date was determined by the decree of the Ukrainian President more than 11 years ago.

The reasons that increase the risk of this serious disease are varied: age above 40 years, heredity, late first childbirth, abortion, cysts, smoking, obesity, diabetes, use of hormonal drugs.

Every woman can have breast cancer but the risk increases with age. Visiting of mammologist twice a year is necessary for women over 40 years. Early diagnosis of this disease greatly increases the chances of successful treatment for the patients. Unfortunately, almost 25% of Ukrainian women ask for help too late. That’s why the level of the mortality of breast cancer is rather high. In Ukraine, this disease kills about eight thousand women every year.

We must be serious about our health and make medical examinations regularly. Besides, it is possible to examine your own breast once a month for presence the atypical breast indurations, or secretions.