Daniel Day-Lewis will not return to the cinema industry any more.

The news of the departure of one of the most authoritative and successful actors of Hollywood shocked admirers of the work of Day-Lewis. As it became known from the statement of the actor’s spokesperson, Leslee Dart, Daniel Day-Lewis is no longer going to continue working as an actor. But meanwhile he sincerely thanks his viewers and the team he worked with for many years. This decision was made without anyone’s pressure, and the actor refuses to comment further on this issue. Representatives of the actor also do not want to talk in detail about the reasons for the departure of one of the most popular actors. Previously, the actor was leaving his acting career. But not more than on vacation, Daniel Day-Lewis did not provide applications for retirement.

Daniel Day-Lewis became one of the most successful in Hollywood.

The actor was born in the UK, and began his acting career in the 1980s and throughout the decade remained one of the best among the rest of the cast. But in 1997, already a famous actor, he stopped acting in films for five years. He explained this withdrawal by the need for rest and a desire to be distracted. According to him, he needs such a rest quite often, because the work of the actor is quite tiring. During the holiday period, Daniel Day-Lewis began to practice footwear in Italy.

At the moment the actor is already sixty years old and he received many awards for his career. He is the only one who received three Oscar awards in the best actor category. The Oscar-winning films for the actor were «My Left Foot», «There will be blood», «Lincoln», for which he received awards. To date, the shooting of the film «Phantom Line» directed by Paul Thomas Anderson is over. This film will be released at the end of the year and will be the last actor’s work. Daniel Day-Lewis himself decided to spend more time with his wife Rebecca Miller, one of Arthur Miller’s two daughters, and two sons. His work in the industry for all the years is colossal. And he could play the role of any complexity, alleviating this complexity, as if he had played this role several times already.