The scientists from the United States of America have developed a cure for hemophilia. A medical drug is produced in the form of a polymer capsule. It should be used during the maintenance therapy.

Hemophilia is a rare inherited disorder. It is poor blood clotting. The stronger sex is the most prone to this disease.

The capsule is produced by the Texan scientists of the University of Austin. It is intended for internal use. The drug has already been tested on human cell lines.

Taking two of these capsules is equivalent to the serum injection, which is used for hemophilia.

The scientists plan to conduct a number of tests of a new drug on animals. Next, the capsule will be tested on humans.

After all the necessary experiments, drug developers are planning to get the approval of the authorities.

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Despite the rarity, hemophilia is a very serious disease. Even a small scratch can trigger a large blood loss.

Among the famous personalities, there were also people who suffered from this disease.

Victoria, the Queen of Great Britain

Tsarevich Alexei, the son of Nickolay II. A carrier of the hemophilia gene was the Crown Prince’s mother, Anna Fedorovna. She was the granddaughter of British Queen.

Leopold George Duncan Albert, the son of Queen Victoria

The sons of King Alfonso of Spain. The monarch was married to the granddaughter of British Queen. She gave her children gene of disease.

Spanish King Alfonso

So far as Victoria’s heirs had been suffering from hemophilia, this disease was called «Victorian».