As early as the 19th century, women sought to get rid of corsets. In less than a few hundred years, everything returned to the old places. Corsets are back in fashion. But today this thing looks different and does not cause discomfort to beautiful ladies.

Modern tendencies

The current corsets only remotely resemble the clothes of our ancestors. These things serve as a decoration, but do not fulfill the function of pulling the waist down.

Fashionistas wear these elements not only under clothes but also above it. This detail of the wardrobe is a great addition to the elegant dresses, strict costumes, blouses, and skirts. A variety of lacing only emphasizes the beauty and grace of the clothes.

Fashion houses, headed by eminent designers, do not forget about this item of clothing. It can often be seen on the catwalks, during the shows.

Corset pulling is a difficult process