A computer has firmly established in our lives. It is difficult to imagine a typical day of many people without this equipment. We use PC and laptops for many purposes. Using them we work, communicate with friends, look for some necessary information. We even do not need TV. We can watch everything on a computer. It turns out that this device has become an integral part of our lives.

Computers are very useful. But, unfortunately, there are also negative effects.

Let’s talk about the eyes. How can you save the eyesight if you work on the computer frequently?

Organize your work area properly

The rules that modern children learn at the computer science lessons. The monitor should be at a distance of 55-60 cm from the eyes. Center of the screen – 10-20 cm below the eye level. Place the monitor so that the light source is from the side. Do not set the monitor in front of the window. Natural light will hinder you.

Configure the parameters of your computer screen

Adjust monitor settings. It should be brighter than the light in the room. Set a suitable contrast. You can also buy anti-reflective film and special glasses. These things will help you to save vision.

Blink more often

A person forgets to blink because of the constant peering at the monitor. According to the research, during working on the computer people blink about 70% less than usual. That’s why we can feel burning and dryness of eyes. Even a special term “dry eye syndrome” already exists.

Review your diet

Food also can support the vision. Fish is suitable for improving visual acuity. If your eyes are tired, eat blueberries. Also add in your diet carrots, spinach, all kinds of cabbage. Eat more vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C.

Take a break

According to the advice of professionals, we need to make a small break from work on the computer every 20 minutes. Turn away from the monitor or stand up. At this time, it is possible to do exercises for the eyes.

Conduct treatments at home

Make compresses to the eyes. Cotton pads soaked in warm unsweetened tea, relieve weariness very well. A decoction of chamomile is often used instead of tea. You can also buy and periodically use special drops. Their composition resembles a tear. They eliminate the dryness of the eyes.

Visit an ophthalmologist regularly

Examination by an ophthalmologist should be a mandatory exercise if you are constantly working on the computer. An experienced specialist will tell you about the prophylaxis and treatment of various eye diseases. It is better to prevent a problem than to solve it.

Follow these simple rules. Take care of your health.