Popular singer Victoria Beckham has been engaged in the design of clothing for a long time. Earlier she was focused exclusively on girls with model parameters. Today, Posh Spice decided to expand the circle of admirers of her designer’s talent. The collection of clothes for plump women is already created by Victoria Beckham.

Soon, charming ladies with magnificent shapes will be able to replenish their wardrobe items of clothing created by the famous pop singer. The first samples will appear in British stores and online retail outlets.

Affordable luxury

Many girls will be able to afford clothes from Victoria Beckham. The cost of products does not exceed 60 pounds. The minimum price is 6 pounds.

American fans

Admirers of V.Beckham’s talent from the USA took the news about creating a collection for plump women with more enthusiasm than the people of Britain. Perhaps the fact is that obesity is a serious problem for the American people.