Frequent colds can be a sign of psychological problems. This opinion was voiced by some national therapists. According to the doctors, the common cold can be caused not only by viral infections or outside’s frost. It may appear due to other factors that have no relation to the weather.

Stress (permanent or temporary). Immunity weakens considerably if a person is constantly in a stressful situation. Moreover, a strong single overstrain can also trigger colds.

Low self-esteem. The incessant self-criticism, endless claims to yourself can reduce immunity too.

Lock of emotions. Constant suppression, reluctance to show the true feelings can become a cause of frequent rheum and colds.

Avoiding problems. Sometimes the desire to distance yourself from the current difficulties is implemented by the disease. Thus, a person does not bear responsibility for the events.

Congestion at work. If you do not have time to rest, working constantly, of course, the organism weakens and quickly picks up a variety of diseases.

Be healthy!