If you like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, do not deny yourself the pleasure. Just add a little milk to the drink. So, you will get more benefit. Coffee with milk will cheer you up, fill with energy, but it will not do any harm.

Types of drinks

Coffee with milk can be presented in different forms: cappuccino, latte, mocha chino, etc. The only difference is the amount of added milk.

Drink’s benefit

The experts believe that coffee in combination with milk brings more benefits than in its pure form. Such a beverage does not violate the acidity of the stomach, replenishes the stores of calcium in the body. If you suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is better to drink coffee with milk.

Compliance with the measure

For the product to be of use, dosage should be observed. The doctors do not recommend drinking more than three cups of coffee with milk per day. First, such restrictions are caused by the presence of caffeine in the beverage. Secondly, a large amount of milk can adversely affect the figure. After all, this is a fairly high-calorie product.