Most of us can hardly imagine the beginning of the day without a cup of coffee. This is one of the most popular drinks all over the world.

Different versions of its appearance in the people’s lives exist nowadays. There is an interesting legend. A young Ethiopian herdsman noticed that his flock of goats had eaten some red berries. And after that, the goats became excited and ran around the pasture without stopping. The herdsmen decided to check the effect of these berries for himself.  He ate a few pieces and also felt refreshed and energetic.

The young man told about his discovery the abbot of the local monastery. The priest prepared a decoction from these berries and watered the monks. They became more energetic and felt easiness during the night prayers. Since that time coffee started to conquer the world.

By the way, it is considered that its name the flavored drink has been got of the town, where the herdsman lived. It was called “Kaffa”.

In the East, coffee became popular very quickly. Some time later it appeared in Europe. But it was received more cautiously. There was a time when this beverage of vivacity has been banned in Europe. The representatives of the clergy believed that this drink had a detrimental effect on souls of the people. But the Pope blessed coffee and allowed Christians to use it.

In England, the medical properties were attributed to coffee. According to English doctors, this drink could treat the hysteria and stimulated well a mental activity.

In Russia, coffee became famous thanks to the great reformer Peter the First. The governor has tasted this drink in Holland and subsequently addicted to it his courtiers.

Today coffee is an essential part of people’s lives. This product takes the second place by the number of purchase and sale transactions in the world. Petroleum is still a leader.

Brazil is one of the main suppliers of coffee to the world market. Colombia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam follow it.

People drink coffee everywhere in the world. Different countries have their own traditions for the preparation and use of this tonic drink.

The experts argue about the benefits and harms of this drink. But it is obviously that coffee has become the part of the life for practically every person on our planet. Brewed or soluble, with sugar or not, with milk or cream, or with spices. There are many recipes for all tastes.