Lungs are a vital organ. The general well-being of a person and his health depends on it.

Often this filter suffers from environmental pollution, bad habits, etc. People should pay serious attention to lung health.

This is especially related to smokers. Cigarette smoke leaves burns on hairs that cover the lungs so that they gradually die. Also, the accumulation of tar causes a cough.

Certain foods will help to cope with this situation.


This fruit contributes to the recovery of lung cells.

The presence of antioxidants in the grapefruit helps to remove harmful substances from the body.


This root dilates the blood vessels, helps to withdraw phlegm. In addition, ginger is an excellent antiviral cure.


This vegetable is rich in vitamin A. It has a beneficial effect on the epithelium. Carrot neutralizes the harmful effects of nicotine on the human body.


For general strengthening of immunity, garlic will suit perfectly. It fights against viruses and protects the body.