In spite of changeable and fleeting life today, classics never go out of fashion. This applies to almost every sphere of human activity. If we talk about the interior, the classic style has always held a leading position. Making the design of the flat or house with traditional motifs always looks stylish and elegant.

Many people wonder what is expressed in the classic interior design? In answering this question, we can say that it is a combination of many factors: certain colors, decoration materials, special lighting, etc. Let’s look at each point in more detail.

Color palette

For classical interiors light, calm tones are characteristic. They are present in excess. This range can be diluted with vivid splashes of burgundy, green or blue. Furniture, drapes, and carpets may be decorated with gold and bronze accents.


There is one main source of light and a few minor things in the classical style. As a rule, in the middle of the room, a large chandelier is situated. It is made of expensive crystal or glass. On the perimeter of the room, there are floor lamps and sconces.

Decoration materials

The flooring is usually made of wood. The walls are decorated with expensive wallpaper or fabric. The ceilings are white, can be decorated with stucco molding. The windows are always decorated with tulle and heavy drapes. Only natural materials are used to create a classic interior.

Elements of decor

To emphasize the traditional setting, a variety of items can be used. For example, pictures on the walls, decorative pillows on the sofas and chairs, plenty of textiles, candlesticks, antique watches, expensive vases. Massive furniture with curved legs is an essential attribute of classical design.

Classic style is a discreet luxury. This design is popular and relevant at all times.