On the eve of New Year, everyone thinks about the gifts for relatives. You want to choose the proper gift, which will bring the joy for beloved people.

How not to be mistaken in this question? After all, many people believe in omens.

And not every gift may seem best to them.

Let’s look at what you can give to the feast, and of which things it is better to abandon.

Undesirable gifts (for the superstitious individuals)

Knives and scissors. Some people believe that such a present promise of health problems.

Handkerchief. This gift will increase the number of recipient’s tears.

Mirror. This thing takes away the beauty and youthfulness of people.

Razor. Such a present will bring bad luck, take success.

An empty purse. This thing reduces a prosperity. If you decide to present a purse, put in it a little money.

Your portrait. Such a gift can separate people.

If among your surroundings there are people who believe in omens, it is better to refrain from the listed above offerings.

Things that can be presented

Choosing Christmas gifts, take into account what kind of animal will be a symbol of the next year. Since the coming year of Fire Rooster, the experts recommend presenting things that are associated with this bird. Rooster is a very bright and at the same time smart bird. You can give something intellectual, for example, an interesting book. Or vivid picture, massive decoration, colorful decor element will fit. It all depends on person to whom you’ll present a gift. Of course, you need to consider the interests of the recipient.