Modern perfume shops impress of products’ variety. Huge selection of different scents can confuse any buyer. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right odor. You can buy some scent and lose an interest in it very fast. Why is this happening? How to determine the best fragrance? The experts have developed the rules, which can reduce the likelihood of failed purchases. This advice of the perfumers will help you in the selection of the scent.

Do not use your flavors before going to the perfume shop

Your personal fragrance will mix with others. You will not be able to apply the selected perfume on yourself to smell it. You will hardly determine the flavor.

It is better to go shopping in the morning

The experts consider that the body recognizes the smells better in the daytime. The sense of smell is not overloaded in the morning. The fragrances are perceived more clearly and vividly.

Limit the number of flavors

When you visit a perfume store you shouldn’t smell everything. Select several vials and estimate the odors. If you don’t like anything it is better to come next time.

Give some time for the flavor

If you liked some perfume especially, put it on the wrist. You should not buy it immediately. Give some time for the flavor to be revealed. An alcohol should be blown away and then you will feel the real odor of the perfume. It takes up to 20 minutes.

Do not hurry

If you plan to purchase a new perfume, allot enough time for it. It is better to spend the whole day to the choosing of the suitable fragrance.

Make a plan

Before going to the perfume shop it is desirable to decide what kind of perfume you are looking for. Floral, citrus, fruit, flower, sea … There are a lot of variants.

An advice especially for women: if you do not want to be mistaken with the aroma, then go to the perfume shop in the middle of your cycle. During this period, the female body is the most stable and it is not affected by distracting factors. It is also important to choose the perfume in a calm state. Excessive joy or sadness can have a negative effect on your choice.

It is difficult to determine your scent. But it is necessary to do. A perfume can tell a lot about a person. A pleasant, unobtrusive flavor will please you and others. Listen to the advice of the perfumers, and it will be easier for you to choose the suitable fragrance.