Сhocolate in ukraine must meet new standards

Everyone’s favorite sweetness is chocolate, made from cocoa products based on cocoa butter. It is believed that in 1842 in the UK was produced the first solid chocolate bar. Since then, production has reached global proportions. Someone likes milk, someone is white, and others prefer «bitter», black. Some even use it as a kind of medicine, because this product is an excellent antidepressant, and also useful for the heart. The popularity of chocolate is unconditional, it is difficult to find a replacement for it. In any country there are products import and own.

Ukraine is not behind competitors in the production and marketing of this sweet product. And in connection with the opening prospects for relations with the EU, new horizons open. They entail and new rules.

So, at a press conference in Kiev, Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister for European Integration, spoke about the order (which, in fact, was signed back in 2016). January 1, 2018 to the quality of Ukrainian chocolate will make new demands that meet European standards and norms. They will be mandatory absolutely for all Ukrainian producers.

European quality and safety standards imply significant changes. The way of processing and delivery of cocoa beans to Ukraine should now become more qualitative and controlled. This will change the attitude of consumers to the manufacturer.

How should chocolate change?

Now, chocolate has the right to be called only the product, in which the content of cocoa products is not less than 35%.

For example, milk chocolate will contain at least 25% cocoa and at least 14% milk product. Cocoa butter in white chocolate should be from 20%, and 14% — dairy products. As for chocolate sweets, only sweets containing at least 25% of chocolate that meet the standards are entitled to be called those.

These norms, by the way, prohibit the use of flavors that mimic the smell of milk or chocolate. True, some types of vegetable oils are allowed to be added, but only if the consumer is informed about this on packages.

The introduction of European standards will improve the quality of Ukrainian chocolate products. This will increase the export of chocolate to the EU, and all players on the market will use the same market requirements to develop a fair and competitive environment.

Recall that from January to October this year, Ukraine increased chocolate exports to the EU by 35% compared with the previous year. Revenues amounted to more than $ 23 million (more than 10 thousand tons). Ukrainian chocolate abroad is loved, and it is in high demand. And new quality standards should only improve performance.