Cheetahs are graceful representatives of the cat family. They also run fast. This, perhaps, is all that an average person can say about these amazing animals. I would like to extend the knowledge about them a little, by providing some interesting facts.

Cheetahs can’t growl

These animals are able to purr, hiss, imitate birds, even bark. But they did not learn to growl.

Poor night vision

Unlike ordinary cats, these animals do not have excellent eyesight. At night, they prefer to sleep, and they hunt in the morning or in the evening.

The length of the jump is 7 meters

Developing the maximum speed, these animals spend half the time in the air.

Females prefer solitude

Female cheetahs meet with males only for mating. The rest of the time they spend with their cubs. And males unite with their brethren and live in such flocks.