Film stars do everything for participation in the next film. First Renee Zellweger has significantly grown stout for the filming of the epic about Bridget Jones. And now, Charlize Theron has put on 16 kilograms. The fact is that the actress started working over the new picture. Filming of “Tally” began in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

According to the subject of this film Charlize Theron is a having many children, tired mother. She tries to combine her business and an upbringing of three children. In addition, she has to take care of her sick brother.

It is not the first time when Ch. Theron changes her image so cardinally for the art. In 2004, the actress has gained more than 10 kilos for the role of a prostitute in the film “Monster.” By the way, this film brought her “Oscar” for the best actress.

Many actors are ready to be changed a lot for the role in a good movie.

Matthew McConaughey has lost 13 kilograms while filming the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”.

Natalie Portman has dumped 10 kilos for the role of a ballerina in the film “Black Swan.” The actress was awarded the highest film award.

Tom Hanks has lost 25 kilograms for the role in the movie “Cast Away”.

We can only admire the actors who make such sacrifices for the qualitative, plausible roles in the films.