An International charitable Make-A-Wish Foundation performs the dreams of the children who suffer from serious, sometimes fatal diseases.

A desire of another young patient was recently fulfilled. A boy named Declan, who lives in Australia, is in remission after leukemia. His desire was to take part in the police’s maneuvers of the hostage rescue. Also, he wanted to see how the professionals would explode something.

The volunteers for the realization of the dream of the child were found very quickly. After the training, Declan was invited to an appointment with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The boy visited not only the Parliament building but also went to the US Embassy accompanied the marines.


This international organization was founded 35 years ago. During this time the Fund volunteers have already fulfilled the desires of more than two hundred and forty thousand of sick children. The organization has 35 representative offices all over the world. American policemen Frank Shenkvits and Scott Shtal are the founders of this Fund.