After the transition of PrivatBank to the state ownership, different fraudsters activated. They come up with new criminal schemes which help them lure money from the population.

The first method

The malefactors call potential victims and say that database of Privatbank had been hacked. To protect the savings, you urgently need to say the card number and PIN. This, according to them, will help you to save money.

The second method

The fraudsters connect with the victim and clarify whether a person is a client of Privatbank or not. In a case of a positive answer to this question, the offenders report that the bank will be merged with Oschadbank. Therefore, to transfer money to the account of the state financial institution, you need to tell all the details of your credit card, including PIN.

If a person meets the requirements of fraud, his earnings move in the hands of bandits.

Security service of Privatbank, as well as representatives of the Ukrainian cyber police, once again remind that disclose your PIN and card number, the CVV to unauthorized persons is strictly forbidden.