Canada has refused to cancel the visa regime with Ukraine. According to Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugee of Canada John McCallum, Ukraine does not comply with the criteria, which are important for the cancellation of visas. That’s why Canada will not revise the visa requirements for Ukraine.

J. McCallum says that this decision of the Ministry is based only on the facts. And it has no relation to the political situation and trade relations of the countries.

The Government of Canada continually monitors various indicators of the countries’ development. Based on the results, the government officials make conclusions about the possibility of changing the visa regime.

The Minister has stressed that only Ukraine is responsible for achieving the required level of development. And only it’s increasing can help to cancel the visa regime.

The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada has promised to do everything for improving the visa services for Ukrainians.

As it is known, every year thousands of Ukrainian people go to Canada for working. Ukrainian Diaspora is one of the largest in this country.