California wants to withdraw from the United States of America. The proposal was submitted to the Office of Public Prosecutor of this Western state about holding a referendum on separation. The participants of the movement Yes California have initiated this petition. There is even a new term – Calexit. This word means an exit of California from the USA (analogously to Brexit – Britain’s exit from the European Union).

According to the vice-president of the organization YC Ruiz Marcus Evans, the activists were planning to raise the issue of California’s separation in the next year. But due to the victory of the Republican candidate Donald Trump in the presidential election, the members of the movement have decided to accelerate the process. The fact is that the majority of Californians voted for the representative of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, the inhabitants of California consider that they send too much money to the state treasury. At the same time, the government allocates the state fewer resources. California became a sponsor for the entire country.

The supporters of the California separation hope that the referendum will take place in March 2019. It is planned that more than 10 000 volunteers will collect signatures in support of Calexit.