The world’s first titanium brake caliper

With the development of scientific technologies, you are less and less surprised by anything new. The next achievement of the human mind is the creation of a 3D printer. It has already opened up new horizons of previously unattainable opportunities. The technology of 3D printing is used in medicine, in construction, and in other, most unexpected areas. For example, not long ago, engineers created a prototype of a submarine, printing it on a printer. Well, creating such a method of jet engines generally makes one believe in anything. And now Bugatti showed a new application of technology — automotive. Having printed the titanium brake caliper, the company showed its high-tech prospects.

The essence of the progressiveness of such an achievement is as follows. One of the most important parts of the brake system, the caliper, is usually made of aluminum. But since this device takes a huge load, pressing the brake pads to the disc during braking, the part is subject to heavy wear. There was an idea of ​​creating it from titanium, but the traditional methods of making parts could not use this material. Now, the titanium brake caliper is quite real.

To make the device, the company resorted to the help of Laser Zentrum Nord, which has the necessary printer for volumetric titanium printing. In it there are 4 lasers with a capacity of 400 watts each, which allows to realize the idea of ​​the developers. Printing titanium brake caliper took 45 hours. During this time, 2213 layers of titanium were deposited. Then, the finished part was heat treated (for strength), and the excess material was cut off.

The company is going to test the titanium brake caliper this year. Of course, with such a long manufacturing process, the device does not yet claim to enter the mass market, but this problem is already working. Engineers are going to accelerate this process. That the detail could be accessible not only for expensive supercars, but also for the production of mass models of cars.

Visually titanium brake caliper looks really nice! And considering that it is 40% more durable and efficient (despite the fact that it is easier than analogs), this is a real achievement in the automotive industry!