Summer is in full swing and everyone want to rest budgetary. That’s why many people think where to go for a rest.

Our editorial office will help you to define with a choice. Especially for this, we amounted to a list of budget travel destinations 2016.

So, the first item in the list takes India and Indonesia. Also, you can rest budgetary in Nepal and Vietnam. In these countries, you’ll spend only $ 40-45 per day on food, housing, and transport. The price is calculated for two people.

Next in the list is Sri Lanka, the favourite place of tourists, and Laos. Here rest for two will cost $ 60 per day.

Slightly more expensive – $ 70 – you must pay for rest in Cambodia.

In addition, quite reasonable prices are on vacation in Abkhazia ($ 65), and in Georgia, Armenia ($ 70-80).

The rating was based on the analysis of reports of bloggers, forums, the average cost of accommodation and meals in each country.

The cost of a flight is not taken into account in the calculation.