A creation of the miniature masterpieces is a hard work. But the result is admirable. English sculptor Willard Wigan creates beautiful works in the ears of the needles and on the nail heads. Microscopic animals, insects, as well as the heroes of fairy tales, are made by this British handyman.

Willard Wigan uses a microscope and a lot of tiny instruments with diamond tips for the creation of the unique masterpieces. The artist paints his mini-sculptures using a fly’s wing. As materials, the master applies sugar crystals, grains of rice and his own hair.

Wigan spends about a month on each exhibit.

For the production of a copy of the motorcycle (the size of a three micron) sculptor was awarded a high honor. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth the Second appointed him a member of the “Order of the British Empire.”

Willard Wigan also made the miniature figures of Barack Obama’s family and placed them in the needle’s ear.

A selection of the master’s miniature works is presented in the video. Enjoy watching!