Homeless of Great Britain has received a great charity. Although at first glance a handout was just 50 pence. But it turned out that the coin was collectible. Today, its price is 12 thousand dollars.

The coin has an unusual heptagonal shape. A rabbit is depicted there.

This handout surprised the homeless a lot. And he decided to ask the representatives of police about this unexpected gift. With the help of modern technical devices, connected to the Internet network, the policemen found that the homeless had a unique, collectible coin. It was released 2 years ago in a limited edition in honor of the 150th birthday of Beatrix Potter, the English writer, and artist. The characters from B.Potter’s fairy tales are depicted on the commemorative coins. There are Peter Rabbit, squirrel Tress, Uhti-Tukhti and many others.

Initially, the value of the coins was about $ 60. But the increased interest to the anniversary pence and the rapid spread of the entire circulation has increased its price by hundreds of times.

We can only be glad for the homeless, who received such generous alms.