There are 197 states in the world, which are home to more than 6 billion people. Every person on this planet chooses what he wants to eat at the certain time of the day. Despite the popularization of cornflakes, muesli, and other fast breakfast, there are more traditional dishes for one nation. People from different countries have their own preferences for the morning meal. Many things depend on the climate of the region, the location of the seas and oceans, vegetation and wildlife diversity, habits and traditions of the local population. What do people eat for breakfast around the world?



The inhabitants of this harsh Scandinavian country should stock up on nutrients in the morning. They have to resist the cold, so the food for breakfast is quite caloric. Boiled eggs, bread, meat, oily fish, brown goat cheese brunost – these products create a foundation of the Norwegian diet. In addition, people of this northern country may even have soup for breakfast.


The French people spend a little time for breakfast. The first meal in this country is quite frugal. A cup of tea or coffee and a croissant can satisfy a hunger of French aboriginals. Not for nothing, a breakfast in French has a particle “petit”, i.e. small.


The inhabitants of China are fond of rice. For breakfast, they can cook liquid porridge of this cereal. People usually drink it. Moreover, the Chinese make of use soy milk with warm pies baozi or pancakes.


For breakfast, the Germans cook a wide variety of appetizers: sausages from tender types of meat, different kinds of cheese, sweet pastries, bread, jam. Another popular German dish is potato pancakes.

Great Britain

We used to think that the traditional English breakfast includes oatmeal and tea with milk. Actually, it is not true. The British people eat a pretty high-calorie food in the morning. Scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, fried sausages, mushrooms and toasted bread. The people of Scotland and Ireland also like to eat blood pudding for breakfast.


Morning meal of Italians is light. An ordinary inhabitant of Italy is limited to a cup of tea or coffee with sweet pastries. A glass of juice and a bun can also satisfy the hunger of Italian. Cappuccino, latte or other coffee drinks are also very popular.  Italians eat traditional pizza and pasta for dinner or supper.


In the Land of the Rising Sun, the local inhabitants prefer to eat Miso soup for breakfast. This dish is cooked on the basis of fish broth. Tofu, seafood, seaweed can be also added to this dish. Besides, Japanese can eat for breakfast rice, seasoned with soy sauce.


Due to the large area of the country breakfast is also quite diverse in the different corners of the state. New Yorkers can drink a cup of coffee on the way to work but the Texan farmer breakfast tightly. The owner of the rancho will  work physically unlike a businessman on Wall Street.


This state had been under the influence of Britain for a long time, so the culinary traditions are quite similar in these countries. However, there is one signature dish in Australia. It is called Vegemite. It is a paste, which is spread on bread, crackers or buns. Vegemite is cooked from a beer wort and various flavorings.


Breakfast of Hungarians is pretty tight. The presence of bread is necessary. In the morning the Hungarian inhabitants eat eggs and dairy products. Also, salami is very popular. Hungarian cuisine is generally spicy, with plenty of seasoning. Especially Hungarians like to add paprika in the dishes.