Today, Venezuela is experiencing not the best of times. The tense situation in the country provoked serious problems with the products. The food crisis caused the tightening of state laws. The government declared the so-called «bread war».

The current president of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, signed an order. According to it, 90% of all wheat flour should be used for baking bread. Some bakers disobeyed the order, so, they were arrested.

Thorough checks

Last week, the inspectors and soldiers have checked almost 700 bakeries of Caracas. As a result of the raid, four employees of these institutions were apprehended. The bakers did not comply with the order. They baked cakes and other confectionery products instead of bread.

Government’s opinion

According to the Venezuelan authorities, it is the bakeries that are to blame for this situation. They spend all the stocks of wheat flour on making sweets but not ordinary bread.